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Fashion is something about expressing your identity, personality, character, showing someone who you are. Through your fashion choices and your clothing, you let others notice a lot about you.

Fashion is important in society because it allows you to express your personality or individuality. Another reason for its importance in society is because it has the potential to bring different people together to celebrate their own individuality or individualism.

“The best way to enjoy fashion is to wear what you love and be yourself.”

In recent years, around the world, a new trend has been launched in our youth fashions. That is based on using clothing and accessories of the culture of South Korea. Fashion in Korea has evolved due to inspirations from Western culture. Hanbok is the most famous traditional custom of Korean. It symbolizes the beauty of Korean people. As far as Hanbok is concerned, it includes a blouse shirt or can be a jacket, called “jeogori”. However, for women, a skirt “chima” and for men, loose pants baji” are used to wear under Jeogori. 


There are many different varieties of fashion in Korea, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Oversized blazers:

Do you consider how to wear it? Just use vibrant colors, or mix it with a dress, or with a Capri. There are several varieties like in checkered jackets. Use a white dress and simply mix with a longer blazer. You can choose any color in any shade, which means it is totally up to you for making suitable combinations. Having an oversized blazer? Fortunately, you can match it with any of your long dresses.

Oversized blazers
  • Leather Shirts:

A good leather jacket has always bee n a must-have accessory for stylish women. But now it’s the time to trench those moto leather jackets and step up your leather game with these leather shirts. These leather shirts are more attractive and comfortable as compared to leather jackets. 

Leather shirts
  • Floral print Midi Dresses:

Different types of floral prints are used like springy, moody, small, and big floral. Girls from all around the world are loving floral-prints in all shapes and sizes. Plus they are not merely used in the spring or summer seasons. Rather these floral prints are perfect for intermediary weathers too.

Floral print Midi Dresses

These plain dresses are often being modernized with longer sleeves and shorter lengths. All the girls doing the fashion are styling these with winter boots and blazers to stay attractive plus warm during the coldest days of the year.

  • Fleece Jackets (aka Teddy coats):

The standard teddy coat style features a lovely dark-brown color that resembles the fur of a bear, and it is fit like a cocoon, therefore, a coat looks very warm and amazingly cozy. 

Teddy coats
  • Mini tote bags:

Today the most blooming and fascinating accessories for the coming fall are the’ mini tote bags’. It is a double-duty type of stuff, used as a clutch or hang it with two types of handles (long or short).

Mini tote bags

The bag providers, especially designers are trending bags that are actually small in size in every coming season. The trendsetting girls from everywhere in the world, are in love with these small bags. It is so because these bags being tiny yet sufficient to fit all the basics i.e. wallet, smartphones, and maybe some make-up items. Moreover, these bags are really lovely and attractive.


Do you know these Korean fashions were always so cheap, trendy and even fast? The reason is these fashions are very easy to fit your personality. It does not require any background or histories like other nations or countries.

 The fashion arising from Korea is not custom specific. Anyone applying is to their clothing or using their fashioned accessories looks just perfect. Others may have histories from the 19th century even. In contrary to this, Korean fashion is latest and advanced.

The very first Korean, who had a fashion show in Paris, was Andre Kim. He showed is work in 1966. Later became the renowned designer. 

Some top brands making Korea famous are:

  • 8Seconds:

It was started by a textile manufacturer Cheil in 2012. It used its Samsung Group money to launch its marketing campaign. Now they are able to release their new collection almost every week of the month.

  • Tibaeg

This brand is making a huge and very sophisticated combination of colors and graphics to enhance your dressing in many ways. The colors in the dress are as indulging as the tea bag infuses in water to provide its flavor. You will feel more elegant and prettier after using their clothes. 

  • Lucky Chouette:

Kim Jae- Hyun is the creator of Lucky Chouette. It is producing a very bright and elegant clothing collection. Most of them are so eye-catching that the people in and outside of Korea are unable to resist purchasing.  Bright colors are the signature of this brand, making it unique too.

  • Charm’s 

To enhance yourself with the style of street fashion, Charm’s is here to fulfill your desire.  They are well-equipped to serve your purpose of styling like the 90s. This is the most artistic type and very famous among the local celebrities and making others attract towards it. 

  • The Studio K 

This brand has been designing the most unique and fancy designs. Their designs are loved by many countries throughout the world.

  • Style Nanda 

Kim So-hee started Style Nanda in 2004. He was the one with an innovative idea of selling online clothes, which were already used. But after lots of advancement, it has become the top makeup plus the fashion brand of Korea and even sold out of the country.                                                                                             

  • Kye

A number of awards are received by this brand and are a part of the fashion industry globally. KYE is famous for its well-known street fashion pieces. It is adorably worn by; Khloe Kardashian and Rihanna.

  • K-pop and the Fashion World

It started in the late 2000s, and become very famous by fusing the Western and Asian culture in a very modern way. It is mostly prominent because it has well-known music within South Korea. Music companies are launching it very interestingly.  


Korean fashion has always been distinct from all the women having or wearing different types of fashions. It has pleased people and has earned a lot of fame. These brands have helped Korea in becoming a leading country in the world of fashion. Moreover, the originality of their designers, prints and clothing styles has made people love them even more. Their fashions do make you feel graceful and stylish. 

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