Garden Trends 2021 – 10 Trends to Follow

Garden trends 2021

Trendy and clever garden furniture, decorative accessories in natural materials, greener garden, terrace with the appearance of refuge and outdoor spaces increasingly furnished: discover an overview of the trends to follow on the terrace and garden side 2021.

Who says beautiful season, says reinvest the garden and the terrace! But before rushing outside, it is necessary to review the décor and perhaps re-arrange the outdoor space. Trendy garden furniture, materials to favor, layout to create, equipment to add, we take stock of the garden trends 2021 so that you can enjoy all summer an outdoor place that is as canon as your living rooms indoors!

The terrace and garden synonymous with refuge for garden trends 2021

More than ever, the outdoor corner as a whole, whether it is a balcony, a terrace or a large garden, is at the center of all interests. Like the house, he took advantage of this “exceptional” year to remake himself a beauty. And it continues in 2021! Balcony, terrace or garden all become an extension of the house brought to be enriched in various ways. Multiplication of spaces such as a real house, room in addition with a garden studio, outdoor furniture with the appearance of indoor furniture and small decoration in the air of the time galore such is the recipe of the outdoor corner for the coming months. We’re going to have to make ourselves live outside there more and more like living inside. Indoor as outdoor the goal is the same: to build a soft refuge lulled with reassuring shades and furniture and small decoration carefully chosen to give a soul to a space on which we have long been reluctant to invest.

Garden furniture with artisanal accents triumph outdoor

Garden armchairs with clean lines, discreet colors inspired by the earth, a return to natural materials, all these details present among the garden novelties of 2021 converge towards the same goal: a hymn to nature!

This summer, the garden area abandons its flashy appearance to display softer lines, rattan garden furniture, armchairs with handcrafted backrests. It is not only garden furniture that is draped in more ethical arguments, the small garden decoration takes the same path: bamboo suspension, outdoor carpet in sea rush, rattan planter. Outdoor as indoor, the lesson imposed is the same: return to the required sources!

Beiges and terracotta invade the terrace area

In the garden, there are those who prefer to return to the wild version into the wild and then those who like to accessorize their outdoor space with the same rigor as their living room. They will appreciate the efforts made by brands and designers in 2021. Like the living room, the terrace is equipped with colors that smell good the great adventure and the return to the land. Terracotta, beige and brown thus gain ground up to the outdoor and are affixed as much on the textiles of garden sofas as the cushions and the small decoration. Shades as elegant as reassuring to promote the spirit of a cozy little cocoon!

Flower pots and planters very design are imposed on the terrace

If we had been told a few seasons ago that we would be passionate about planters and other flower pots, we would have denied it en bloc… and yet the deco and garden catalogs of 2021 confirm more than ever this passion for these containers that sublimate our plantations. Large flower pots, standing planters, terracotta flower pots, design balcony planters: there will be something for all tastes, all sizes and especially all plants…. Palm trees, succulents, cacti are imposed in irresistible containers to brighten up a terrace as a balcony in the same way as the traditional garden furniture and other furniture.

The pool gains new followers

Like the garden studio, the pool has taken advantage of the successive lockdowns and restrictions of the last 12 months. Its market is growing. To afford one, even if only a small one, titillates the minds of many of us. If it can be a real investment that will require some work, it can also be easily added to the garden with a kit pool model or a mini pool when the budget is tighter. Having a swimming pool is in a way to treat yourself to a holiday at home, an hour of swimming or relaxation per day during the summer season, a more than attractive idea in this period, right?

Pastels color the terrace area – Garden trends 2021

In the year 2021, the garden will be dominated by various gentle tones rather than just one. Our outdoor area will be swept by a ribambelle of pastels. Rooms of exceptional softness will be displayed on the rooftop, patio, and garden. For example, Icemint will stand out on the dining table, which can be complemented by mismatched chairs in beige, sky blue, or pink… The same can be said for the planters, who are dressed in pastel colors to blend in with the foliage.

Modular garden furniture makes life easier on the outdoor side

Depending on the surface of its outdoor area, small balcony, small terrace or garden, the garden furniture chosen will not be the same and will have to respond hands down to a constraint of space summer and winter. But garden furniture brands have the solution for everything! No more question of offering only small furniture that is easy to move, modular furniture that is easy to store is democratizing on the garden side too. This is the case of the garden furniture “Paola” at Habitat (visible above), each of its elements stack to form a block and thus allow a minimum footprint.

Living spaces multiply outdoor

In 2021, the outdoor corner is big. He is no longer enjoyable with a couple sunbeds under a tree or some plain garden furniture on the terrace. More and more outdoor design companies are imagining highly full outdoor spaces with a variety of activities. Outdoor living spaces are thus structured with arbors, pergolas, and trellises. When it comes to patio flooring and ornamental accessories, they help to complete the look of these spaces. These can resemble a low living room, a dining room-style living room, an outside kitchen, as well as a children’s play area or an adult-only petanque area. In some kind of second home is being built, and it will undoubtedly entice all of the family and friends!

The garden studio is added to the list of our desires

Nerdy garden studio? Forget this prejudice please. The garden studio – or hut according to the shapes and tastes especially – has good press again. It emancipates itself from its classic functions to store garden furniture and gardening tools in order to become a real room in addition… and not only for the summer! Even if it represents a certain investment – count between 7,000 and 25,000 euros – it offers above all in 2021 a great opportunity to win an extra coin. An asset when you have to work at home or receive friends. Office at the bottom of the quiet garden or original guest room in nature, it’s up to you to judge and adopt it!

The vegetable garden seduces more and more in the garden

The green attitude pushes us all to re-invent ourselves as an ecological gardener. Having your green square at home to grow some fruits and vegetables becomes common practice, in the countryside as well as in the city. Large garden, simple terrace or small balcony, each corner of greenery is likely to accommodate a square of vegetable garden. Gardening brands compete to offer vegetable gardens of all kinds. Standing vegetable garden, tray as a vegetable garden, square vegetable garden, all the different shapes and sizes bend to the surfaces available in the open air. Alternately practical ethical and decorative (by its look worked the vegetable garden decorates the space, yes, yes!) having a vegetable garden at home appears as one of the trends that will gain ground in the coming years. So you know what you have to do for the summer of 2021!

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