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There are two things that one can never have too many: good friends and good shoes. While with the former you can hang out at places, it’s the good shoes that take you good places. Some people who pay great attention to their attire but very little or no heed to their footwear, which is a major showdown since one can really never be dressed well enough without having a great or right pair of shoes to match with. There isn’t an iota of doubt that a great pair of shoes speaks volumes about the person carrying it.

A good pair of shoes is not always about making a fashion statement. There are numerous other benefits of making the right choice which might surprise many. To begin with:

  • A remedy for back problems

Imagine living in a building with a faulty foundation. Well, believe it or not, footwear plays a similar role for one’s back. There are many people who have complained of back problems because of a footwear choice. Having you back properly aligned is important to avoid any future misalignment further resulting in one’s back hurting. Some shoes that come with insoles providing the much-needed cushion to avert the impact of walking at length, providing your foot with a better ad neutral posture, finally taking off the stress from your ankles that hurt upwards your legs and finally your lower back.  

  • Protection for your Joints

For a sportsperson, the most common injury is that of the ankle and putting on supportive footwear becomes all the more important. There are specially designed shoes available for sports personalities like runners that come with shock absorbers for providing a cushion. Cushioning is sports footwear is one of the most significant aspects since it trims down the chances of injuries helping you carry on with your day to day routine also giving you peace of mind that your feet are being well taken care of.

  • A Smoother Pace

Putting on comfortable footwear and taking good care of your feet will work towards making your body move fluidly and better. An uncomfortable pair of shoes negatively affects your body’s movement with it having to adjust your posture all the while putting pressure on back, hips, ankle, and knee. As a natural reaction, the body compensates for the discomfort by wither slouching or limping, thus affecting your personality and walk.

Look good, feel good is a cliché that goes well with the type of shoe one puts on. There is no second thought in the fact that how we dress up reflects in our attitude and carrying a smart, comfortable pair of shoes makes for an integral part. Whether your shoe size is bigger or smaller, each holds its own adverse effects.

A pair that is bigger than your actual shoe size also increases the chances of your tripping over because of the imbalance the bigger size brings in one’s walk. Leave aside the injury it might physically cause, instead of oozing out confidence; one would be constantly thinking about ways to avert a fall ad avoid embarrassment.

On the other hand, if the shoe size ends up being smaller, you would end up with ugly painful blisters. Not just this, instead of walking confidently, you would rather be limping or walking much slower because of the pain. With constant blister pain, walking comfortably is out of the question and in case the injury persists, it can lead to a bacterial infection, all because of an uninformed and casual approach towards selecting the right pair of shoes.

Now that it’s clear having a good pair of shoes is indispensable, how to opt for one is the trickier part so that the above – mentioned benefits are not compromised with. When they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, consider the casual approach towards footwear selection equally risky. Considering a few aspects before making a choice would prove beneficial:

  • The first and foremost aspect worth considering is the comfort. This is important because you would be putting on your shoes for hours on a stretch. In uncomfortable, it would be troublesome for you to walk and also would affect your feet’s health. Henceforth, checking on the comfort of your footwear is important before making a selection.
  • The second checkpoint worth considering is checking on the grip of your shoes. You would not want to walk uncomfortable with an ill-fitted shoe that comes off halfway your walk. Whatever the occasion of a wedding, a party or if going outdoors for sports or trekking, a well-fitted shoe is a must.
  • There’s a reason why few brands are way better and expensive than others. It’s because of the leather quality and fine finish they bring on the rack. Good quality leather in a show is important in order to maintain that glaze and not have cracks no matter how many times you have worn them. Not just this but the cuts and finish of the shoe help in accentuating your personality.
  • Considering the significance of shoes, it is important to invest time while procuring a pair. A hush buy can often make you forget to check on important aspects like the width, any uncomfortable bulges or hardened lines that might cause blisters.

Maintaining your feet health and making a fashion statement are two aspects that can go hand in hand. A beautiful yet comfortable pair of shoes can instantly make you ramp ready and express your personality in a great way. Whatever be your choice, whether it is bold colors and high heels or subtle earthy colors and platforms or flats, a right pair can make you stand out of the crowd along with an option to experiment with your dressing. There are numerous high quality and famous brands offering shoes that would amp up your style quotient along with being super comfortable. A true value for money spent, investing in the quality brand and pair of shoes can be helpful in the longer run.

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